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Before setup of the IPD please ensure that your IPD has been installed by following the installation instructions:

Step 1

Once the IPD has completed the initial boot sequence, it will display a pairing screen with a 10 character pairing code.

If the IPD will be installed in a self-hosted solution, you should change the URL prior to moving on to step 4. You can find more info on this procedure in the Update Configuration Settings section.

Step 2

Within the XT Web application - navigate to the Administration → XT Programmers page and select Pair New Device and enter the pairing code displayed on the IPD, as well as a short description for this unique unit.

Step 3

The IPD will automatically connect to XT Web and should display a screen with the Medeco splash screen, prompting the user to Insert Key at the bottom of the screen. If the IPD does not change from the Pairing screen after 2-5 minutes, refer to the troubleshooting section. 

Step 4

Insert a key with a pending or active schedule into the program port and verify it services. 

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