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Various Mounting Configurations

The XT IPD can be mounted in a variety of configurations.

The XT IPD Mounting Bracket and Mounting Locations

Before setup of the IPD please ensure that you have the following items available or completed.

  • Admin user access to the XT Web Manager Software.
  • The IPD to be installed has already been paired with the Medeco XT Web Manager software.

XT IPD Pairing and XT Web URL Connectivity

  1. Pairing the Medeco XT IPD is outlined in the User Guide for the Medeco XT Web Manager by selecting the HELP link at the top of the XT Web software and browsing to the section on the XT Identification and Programming Device, Update Configuration Settings.
  2. If the IPD is being installed in a customer hosted solution, the URL should be changed to the URL of your XT Web Manager Application Server as described in the XT Web Manager User Guide.
  • An XT key that has a schedule with a Key Status of Pending or Active.
  • Network cable with network access that when connected to the XT IPD will allow connectivity to the XT Web Manager software.
  • The tamper resistant enclosure assembly screws, 4pcs. (provided)
  • The tamper resistant driver provided, 1pc. (provided)
  • Bushings to insert into the two knock-out holes for alternate power and network cable access, 2pcs. (provided)
  • A power supply within 36” of the IPD mounting location.
  • Philips screwdriver


Follow the steps below in order to finish the installation and setup of your IPD unit.

Optional Power and Cable Network Access

Two knockout holes are located along the bottom surface of the XT IPD enclosure. These knockouts can be removed for optional access of the power and network cables.  After the cables are placed through the holes, insert the provided bushings to protect the cables from the damage due to rubbing against the edges of the holes.

The Importance of Proper Cable Routing and Using the Wire Ties

  1. TO PREVENT DAMAGE - The wires ties are necessary to relieve strain on the network and power connections. Please handle these cables cautiously until the wire ties are securing the cables from movement at these connections.

Step 1 

Remove the rear Mounting Bracket of the IPD and run the network and power cables through the square hole in the center of the rear plate.

Step 2

With the power and network cables passing through the center hole, install the rear Mounting Bracket.  See the available mounting configurations above (1A – 1D).

Step 3 

Connect the power cord and the network cable to the ports located on the internal circuit board. Secure the network and power cord through the provided zip tie loops to relieve the pressure on the connectors.  See the image below for the correct routing of the cables.

Step 4

Place the outer IPD assembly over the Mounting Bracket.  During this process, ensure that all cables and wires are clear. Continue to insert the Outer Assembly over the Mounting Bracket until the enclosure holes (2 each side) are in alignment.  Insert the tamper proof screws using the provided driver, 4 places.

Step 5

With the IPD installed and the cables connected, the IPD will automatically connect to the XT Web Manager and display a screen with the Medeco splash screen, prompting the user to Insert Key at the bottom of the screen. If the IPD does not change from the Pairing screen after 2-5 minutes, refer to the troubleshooting section in the XT Web Manager User Guide for the XT IPD. 


Step 6

To test the installation, insert the XT key with a pending or active schedule into the programming port to verify the IPD operation. 

You have now successfully installed and tested you XT Identification and Programming Device (IPD). 

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