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Operator – user that can be assigned a key with access to openings, and has limited access to XT Web features; the Administrator controls which features an Operator can have access by assigning the Operator a user profile.  By default, Operators do not have access to the software Administration functions.\

Administrator – user that can be assigned a key with access to openings, and has full access to XT Web features within their assigned group or within any associated sub-group.  Administrators can also receive system notifications from Medeco if permitted by the Super Administrator.

Super Administrator - A Super Administrator has full access to all features within the software.  The Super Administrator log-in information is provided by the Medeco.  The Super Administrator also designates a contact person for receiving system notifications from Medeco.

Operator Security Roles and User Profiles

To further control access of functions within the Web Manager software, a user that is assigned with an Operator security role can also have a user profile assigned. When an Operator is being created, or when a user with another security role is being changed to an Operator, a user profile can be associated to the user to further define Schedule Access and Audit permissions.

  • Schedule Access permissions include Full, View, or None.  Full permission allows an Operator to have full access and control of scheduling keys.  View permissions will only allow an Operator to be able to view key schedules but not to create or change key schedules.  Operators assigned a user profile having a schedule access permission of None, will not be able to create new key schedules, change existing schedules, or be able to view schedules.
  • Audit Access permissions include View or NoneView permissions will allow an Operator to view audit records.  Operators assigned a user profile having audit access permission of None will not be able to view audit records.
  • User Access (Keyholders only) permissions include View or Full, with an additional checkbox for "Allow Schedule Assignments", which can be toggled for users with schedule access permissions above "None".  View permissions allow the operator to view users in the same group or below in the hierarchy. Operators with the permission of Full can edit and delete keyholder profiles. If "Allow Schedule Assignments" is selected, the operator can view and edit the schedule for each individual, but not edit the schedule itself.
  • Opening Access permissions include View or Full.  View permissions will allow the operator to view individuals opening access, while Full permissions will additionally allow the operator to edit or delete openings.

 The Key Holder, Operator, and Administrator Security Roles are assigned when Users are being created within the system.