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In the event that there is an unforeseen interruption of service, or maintenance is required outside the weekly schedule, Medeco will reserve the right to provide notification to the hosted user.  The information entered on the System Setup Page should be associated with the person designated to receive system notifications from Medeco.  The System Setup page will automatically display after the initial login by the Super Administrator.  The information can also be changed by the Super Administrator at a later time. 

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Sending Additional System Notifications 

If notifications are to be submitted to other users of the software (Administrator Security Roles), then the Super Administrator can enable the checkbox on the System Setup page to enable Administrators to receive the system notifications.  With the Super Administrator selecting the box to enable Administrators to opt into receiving notifications, a "Receive System Notifications" selection box displays on the Create User form when the Administrator Security Role is selected.  If this selection is enabled, then the Administrator will receive system notifications from Medeco.  Please note that the email and mobile phone (for text messaging) fields are required when the "Receive System Notifications" box is selected.

Enforcing Unique User Pins

The Super Administrator has the ability to Enforce Unique User PINs for the Medeco hosted site by checking the corresponding box. When checked, no two users in the XT Web system will be allowed to have the same PIN value. When a user is deleted, their PIN will clear from the system, and become available again.