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In using general terminology, an Opening in the system represents any physical location where a Cylinder is installed and assigned.  An Opening in the discussion herein refers to any opening that contains a cylinder that may include doors, gates, machines, cabinets, padlocks, mobile devices etc.  When a cylinder is assigned to an opening, the serial number of the cylinder is noted in reference to the opening in which it is installed.


Select the Openings tab in the horizontal menu near the top of the screen.  Then select the Create a new opening link, as shown below:

The Create an Opening form will appear.  Provide a short name and any additional information about the opening.  

The Opening Class option will only display if you have at least one Opening class available in your system. 

Select the Save button to add the opening to the system. The Opening will display in the Tree at the specified Group location, and will be displayed with green text.

Naming an Opening

Note:  The information entered for the Short Name is the text that will be displayed on the Tree.

Opening Assignment


Under the Cylinder Serial Numbers you can assign cylinders to the Opening. You do this by entering the serial number of the Cylinder in the text box (shown below).

If you wish to have additional cylinders assigned to the opening, you can select "Add a new serial number" to add an additional row.

If you would like to remove a cylinder serial number, you can do this by selecting the "x" located next to the serial number you wish to delete. 


Under the Opening Assignment section, you can assign the opening to a Group. The Group text box will not allow plain text to be saved in the form, so you must select an option from the smart list that populates once text begins to be entered. From the list provided you will select one of the options (shown below).

You will follow the same steps if you wish to share the opening with any additional Groups.

Moving an Opening In the Tree

In order to move the opening to another group, simply select the opening on the tree and drag and drop the opening to the destination group.  In the example to the right, the "Maint Room" opening will be moved to the destination group, "Floor 1".

After the opening has been moved to the destination group, the table will show that the new owning group has changed from "XYZ Company" to "Floor 1".   This change will also be reflected on the Openings Tree.


To edit information about an opening after it has been created, select Edit on the table for the particular opening.

Editing an Opening's Shortname

An Opening's Short name cannot be edited if it displays in one or more Audits in order to save the integrity of the Audit data.


To delete an opening after it has been created, select Delete to delete the opening from the system.  

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