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Installation and Configuration of the Medeco XT GO Mobile Key Client

Step 1:  From your Android Host device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, the Medeco XT GO Mobile Key Client can be installed on your Android device by logging into the Medeco XT Web Manager software via:  Log in using your Medeco XT Web Manager Login.

 Step 2:  Once logged in, select the link at the top of the page, "Download Android XT Key Client".

Step 3: Upon selecting the "Download Android XT Key Client" link, a message displays which reads, "This type of file can harm your device.  Do you want to keep keyclient.apk anyway?"  Select OK.


Step 4: A download symbol will display at the top of your mobile screen.  Swipe from the top of your screen downward to view the keyclient-X.apk (Not pictured).  Select keyclient-X.apk. Medeco XT Key Client displays with questions about the installation.  The defaults are:  Privacy regarding USB storage, and Device Access for full network access and access to Bluetooth settings and devices.  Select Install

Step 5: The Medeco XT Key Client application is now installed.  Select Open and the Medeco XT Key Client page displays. 

Step 6: Select the Configuration Icon which displays as 3 vertical dots located in the top right of the page.   

Step 7: On this page, configure the settings with the same information you would use to log into the Medeco XT Web manager software from your desktop: URL, Organization, Username and Password. Once the password is entered, select the back arrow on the screen.  After login credentials are entered, the Medeco XT Mobile Key Client is nearly ready to service keys.  Next, we need to pair the Mobile Programmer with your mobile device.

 Note: Location Services must be enabled & running in order for the XT Air app to work properly.

Note: Please note that for users having a Key Holder security role, login privileges to XT Web must be assigned in order to have access to the software to download the Android application.

 Note: The user may need to enable "Unknown Source" in Settings>Security on the phone to allow installation of the app from a source other than the Google Play store.
 Note: Ensure that the Android device Bluetooth service is enabled and that the Medeco XT Mobile Programmer is paired with the phone. 


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