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Group Management

In the Medeco XT Web Manager, groups are created to organize large amounts of information in the system.  Users, Openings, and Shared Schedules, can all be placed in groups for ease of organization.  The group structure is hierarchical, meaning that groups can be placed within other groups, creating a tree of these objects to match the system's structure and your operations.

Shared Schedules

A Shared Schedule is a schedule that is placed in a group and can be shared among the members of that group only.  Shared schedules are assigned to specific groups when the schedule is created.  Shared Schedules cannot be moved across groups but can be edited and deleted.  See Shared Schedules.

Audit Visibility

The group structure that is chosen for the system will affect who can see certain activities that have occurred in the system.  The visibility of audits will differ depending on whether the audit events are related to Key Audit or to Cylinder Audit.

Key Audits

Visibility of key audits will be restricted based on the user assigned to the key while the activity took place.  Only individuals in the user's group or in a parent group(s) will be able to see the events in their audit display.

Cylinder Audits

Only individuals in the opening group or its parent group(s) will be able to see the audit events recorded by the cylinder in their audit display. 

Note that the user-to-group (Key audit) and opening-to-group (Cylinder Audit) associations are determined at the time that the audit is processed off the key.  This means that if a user or opening changes groups after the audit entries are processed off the key, the audit entries will continue to be viewable only by the appropriate groups.  This avoids audit entries disappearing from view as a result of users or openings shifting their group assignments within the system.
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