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Medeco XT Introduction

Medeco XT is a Medeco® eCylinder technology platform that comprises many different retrofit cylinder formats including the popular Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC).  Medeco XT cylinders are a direct replacement for mechanical cylinders and are ideal for enhanced loss and liability management.  The cylinder is powered by the rechargeable key; the cylinder needs no wiring or additional supply of power.  The small sleek design of the key and the powerful cylinder are ideal for anything from interior cabinets to harsh exterior environments. 

The Medeco XT Web Manager software is a web based application that allows simple and flexible access management and the ability to audit both keys and cylinders.  Medeco XT is an ideal combination of security, flexibility, and system management (key control and accountability), and quickly and easily retrofits into existing hardware.


The Medeco XT system is comprised of of the following components:

  • Cylinder
  • Key
  • Key Programming and Charging Station
  • Key Charger
  • Remote Programmer (Accessory Device)
  • Medeco XT Web Manager Software



Medeco XT cylinders are available in a wide array of configurations and install in a variety of hardware applications mounted on doors, cabinets, drawers, padlocks, etc. The primary features of the Medeco XT cylinder include:

  • Convenient access programming
  • Retrofit cylinder with no wiring or power supply necessary and no risk of unauthorized mechanical key duplication
  • Robust cylinder that securely operates in challenging environments with stainless steel components
  • Available in many different cylinder configurations including Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC) with dead latching control sleeve to securely lock in place
  • 2000 audit events stored in cylinder
  • Protect against lost keys with unauthorized key list programmed in cylinder (Key Blacklist)
  • Installs in standard hardware with no wiring or other modifications


The primary features of Medeco XT keys include:

  • Convenient, small, robust electronic key with stainless steel housing that fits on your key ring
  • Individual key charger assures that the key is always fully charged, up to 1500 openings per charge
  • Flexible memory allocation lets the user decide how the memory within the key is used.  For keys with standard memory (designated as 1X), the maximum memory allocations are 8,000 access authorizations and 5,000 audit events.  For keys with extended memory (designated as 2X), the maximum memory allocations are 16,000 access authorizations and 10,000 audit events.
  • Convenient key programming eliminates the need to move or remove cylinders
  • Web and Mobile programming options allow for flexible, and convenient, system management

Key Programming Station

The Medeco XT Key Programming Station provides a communication interface (dock) between the key and software. The programming station connects to the host computer using a standard USB cable.  In addition to docking keys for programming, the programming station also charges the battery in the key. 

Key Charger

The Medeco XT charger is used to recharge the battery in the key.  The key charger is for charging only.

Medeco XT Remote Programmer

The Remote Programmer provides all of the required components to service a key against a Medeco XT Web server and does not require a client computer to operate.  The programmer is offered in a compact device which includes options for wall mounting or desktop use. The keypad and display allow the key holder to authenticate using their PIN information and receive messages from the system similar to the Medeco XT key client software. A network connection and power are all that is required for the Remote Programmer to communicate to the host. The primary features of the Medeco XT Remote Programmer include:

  • Key Port for servicing keys
  • Key Pad for user authentication
  • LCD Display for programming status and messaging
  • Ethernet port
  • Approximate dimensions - 10.5" (L) x 5.0" (H) x 2.5" (D)
  • Metal Construction
  • Finish - Black

Medeco XT Web Manager Software

Medeco XT Web Manager Software provides a global solution to programming and scheduling XT keys and cylinders.  Key administrators have the ability to change schedules and retrieve audit information from their Medeco XT keys without having to physically possess the key.  With the down-loadable Web Client, a key holder can dock and synchronize with the XT Web Server from anywhere in the world with a PC, Internet connection, and/or Bluetooth for Android devices.

The Medeco hosted Medeco XT Web Manager software manages large amounts of information for customers using Medeco XT keys and cylinders.  The software allows the customer to view and organize components such as keys and cylinders according to specific needs (Groups).  The software contains a simple to use, friendly, user interface for maximum flexibility and system management.

The Medeco hosted software features include:

  • Secure Web Access
  • Minimal Setup and Installation
  • Year Round, 24/7 Access
  • Key Scheduling & Cylinder Assignment
  • User Profile Management
  • Audit Reporting with PDF and CSV Export Formats
  • Mobile Programming for Android devices

PC Operating Requirements and Supported Browsers

Medeco XT Web Manager supports the following browsers:

  • Firefox (version 14.0.1 or higher recommended)
  • Internet Explorer (version 9.0.5 recommended)
    • Compatibility Mode should be turned off 
  • Chrome (version 21.0.1180.79 or higher recommended)
  • Safari (version 5.1.1 or higher recommended)

The Medeco XT Web Manager requires the following minimum PC operating requirements:

  • A minimum resolution of 1920x1080 is recommended
  • Processor - Intel Pentium or compatible 1.4 GHz or higher processor
  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows 7.  Windows XP is not a supported platform.
  • Memory - 512 MB RAM
  • Drives - 40 GB or greater disk drive
  • Ports - 1 available USB port for programming station
  • Internet Connection - Required

Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled to use the Medeco XT Web Manager software.

Using Windows Internet Explorer Version 10 (I.E. 10)

When using Internet Explorer Version 10 (I.E.10), the web browser must be configured in compatibility mode. 

Select the button as shown below to run Internet Explorer Version 10 in compatibility mode.

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