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The Dashboard page provides a consolidated, quick reference guide for creating the Medeco XT Web Manager System that includes managing openings (doors, gates, machines, cabinets, etc.), assigning cylinders to the openings, managing users, and assigning keys to users.  The Dashboard also contains guidance for programming keys, and for reviewing audit information.  By selecting the particular link of interest, the Medeco XT Web Manager Software will guide you to the particular software location for performing the desired function.

The Dashboard also provides a consolidated area for displaying system totals associated with several parameters including the total number of cylinders in the system, the total number of openings in the system, and the total number of keys and users in the system.  The colors on the dashboard represent the colors used in the Tree's in XT Web to easily differentiate the data displayed in the Trees.  Users are Blue, Keys are Light Green, Openings are Dark Green, Cylinders are Purple, Schedules are Orange and Audits are Red. 

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