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When a key is serviced, Audit information (key access attempts) is uploaded to the Medeco XT Web Manager

The audit information can be viewed by navigating to the Audits page, or you can view the Audit information in the form of our Analytics page.

Each graph that allows user interaction will display a icon. There also will be a heart icon that will pin the specific graph to the users Dashboard if it is enabled(solid fill).


The Analytics feature organizes the data into two main categories:

  1. Authorized Activity
  2. Unauthorized Activity

User Report

If you would like to look further at a specific users audit details, you can select the bar associated with a user.

This will bring you to a user specific overview. The point graph toward the top of the page will display a daily snapshot of Total Activity and Unauthorized Activity

You can expand or focus the date range for these graphs at the top right of the page. 

Daily Overview - User

If you would like to view specific day values you can select a point on the point graph to navigate to further details regarding the Users audits. 

This will display the Users activity for one specific day. 

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